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Two Ways To Be Featured

The Join inCrowd
Business Podcast

Great for local businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to help share their story.

We always ask the same questions:
✓ Share a little bit about your business
✓ How'd you  get started?
✓ What makes you unique?
✓ What is something most people wouldn't know about your business?
✓ How can people find out more?

Schedule your date and time on Calendly, at:

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Startup Ecosystems
"No Stupid Questions"

Great for Angel Investors, VC's
and Startup Ecosystem Builders

This is a more conversational format:
✓ What does a "startup Ecosystem mean to you?
✓ What is VC's role in educating the startup public?
✓ What are your thoughts on the current investment environment?
✓ What types of deals are you currently looking for?

Schedule your date and time on Calendly, at:

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The Join inCrowd Business Podcast


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