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Contact Cards

The Fastest Way To Share Your Contact Info
Join inCrowd offers unlimited FREE digital business cards so that you can make new friends, grow your network and stay connected.


get started in under 2-minutes

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1. Sign-Up For Free

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2. Edit Your First Card

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3. Save Your Code As A Screen Saver*

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4. Begin Sharing Your Card

* add your card to your home screen for quick access to your card

Make friends.
Grow your network.
Stay Connected.

When you meet someone new, you simply want to swap contact info and stay connected. Digital cards make it simple to scan a QR Code, receive a quick text and stay connected.

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Individual Cards
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Easily swap the info
you want to share.

Share your virtual card using a QR code or send it through email, text, social media, and more. There are no apps to download, or complicated forms to fill out.  You choose the info you want to share.

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One Tap
Text Messaging

Easily start a text conversation in One-Tap! When you meet someone new, you don't want to get distracted playing with tech. With Join inCrowd, your new friends simply click the "Send Text Message" Button to start your new connection.

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Display All Of
Your Social Links

Your digital card can act as your own personal Link Tree. Simply add your social media links to let your new connections decide how they would like to connect.

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Never Run Out Of Business Cards Again!

When your business card is your phone, you will never have to worry about running out of business cards again! Plus, with unlimited FREE Digital Cards, you can create a new card for ALL of your side hustles, for FREE!

Support Your
Favorite Charity

Join inCrowd makes it FREE and Easy to show support for your favorite charity or non-profit. There is no cost to you. Join inCrowd does not process any donations. Simply display your charity's logo and drive awareness each time you share your card!  

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For teams with two or more employees.

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New York Life - Demo 2.png
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Virtual Cards For
Your Entire Team

Join inCrowd's "Enterprise" provides control and flexibility, while also reducing the cost of new business cards. Easily add and remove cards, control branding for all employees, download contacts and activity by employee. Your team will never run out of business cards again!

Display Your Newest Commercials & Videos

Use your business cards and team to distribute your latest commercials and videos through your customers. Your business cards could be teaching your customers more about you and your business.

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Simple pricing plans

Making new connections shouldn't be expensive.

Number of cards
Banner Type
Text, Email & Social Sharing
Unique QR Code
Unlimited sharing
Download Contacts
View Activity
Add Team Members
Download Team Contacts
View Team Activity

Individual Card
Static Image


billed monthly
Individual Card
Video Banner



Save 20% When You Subscribe Annually!

loved by individuals + companies

making new connections isn't just for business people

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frequently asked questions

How is it FREE?

Nothing is "free". Each new member costs Join inCrowd $0.0007. So we need 7,000 members to cost us $0.01 a month. Within the 7,000 free members, we hope that 10% will upgrade for only $1 a month.

How do I add it to my screen saver?

Go to your "Code" > Select Download > Go to your phones "settings" > Find "Screen Saver > Browse for your "Code" > Select your "Code" as your screen saver

How do I add my card to my phone?

There are different instructions for Google and Safari browsers. Google Browsers: Tap the ••• menu at the top right hand corner of your browser > Tap Add to Homescreen > Rename the shortcut Safari Browsers: Tap the Download icon > Scroll to Add to Home Screen

How do I add a video banner?

If you have upgraded, simply log-in > Select Edit Card > Select Edit Card in the Pop-up menu > Select Upload Video > Select from the following options: - Upload a video 35MB or less - Link a YouTube Video - Link a Vimeo Video Select "Save"

Why use QR Codes?

QR Codes are a very simple way for people to quickly scan and connect with you. Prior to Apple turning your phone's camera into a QR Code Reader in 2017, you needed to download a QR Code Reader App. After Apple introduced the phone's camera as a QR Code Reader, all other phone manufacturers followed suit, making it easy for anyone with a smartphone, 2017 or newer, to use Join inCrowd.

Can my team make changes?

Yes. Enterprise team members can change their personal contact info. Only your company Admin has access and can change any field on any card within your company.

Who pays for text messages I recieve?

The "One Tap Text Messaging" Feature simply uses your own providers SMS functionality and SMS Rates. During beta testing, we discovered that our members simply wanted to establish a quick connection when they met with someone new. We decided that Text Messaging already offered this ability. The "Send Text" button feature simply redirects the person you shared your card with to their phone's own SMS function and applies your phone number in the "Send To" field. When you recieve a text from your new contact, that text is between you and your new contact.

How can I save on upgrades?

At only $1 a month, you'd think that was cheap enough. But when you go to pay, we offer you even more savings! If you prepay for 3-Months you save 5% Prepay for 6-Months and you save 10% And if you prepay 12-months in advance, you save 20% for the year! Again, making connections and growing your business shouldn't be expensive.

How can I save on upgrades?

At only $1 a month, you'd think that was cheap enough. But when you go to pay, we offer you even more savings! If you prepay for 3-Months you save 5% Prepay for 6-Months and you save 10% And if you prepay 12-months in advance, you save 20% for the year! Again, making connections and growing your business shouldn't be expensive.


the world is waiting for you to connect

it's time to join the incrowd

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